Word on Fire - ENGAGE

Bishop Robert Barron’s Word on Fire - ENGAGE

FREE for our Faith Community!!!

We are excited to announce that our parish now has access to premium video content from Word on Fire! These films and videos feature Bishop Barron who has been hailed as “one of the Church’s greatest messengers" - 2nd most-followed Catholic in the world behind only Pope Francis! You can also sign up for one or both of the following Lenten groups:

LENTEN CHALLENGE 2020 – This is a series of 25 short, daily emails or texts with a daily challenge. These challenges will help us focus on what is important this Lenten season. This group begins Sunday March 1st

UNLOCKING YOUR LENT – This series of six in-depth, weekly videos will help us dive even deeper into our faith this Lent.  This group begins Sunday March 1st.


Interested???  CLICK HERE OR, just text "grateful" to 84576

 Posted 3/2/2020


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