Grade 7 & 8 Faith Formation


Program Overview
We extend a warm welcome to our students and their families!   Our Sunday sessions are scheduled around the 10:00am Sunday morning liturgy.  The Teens of Monday sessions are required to attend any of the Masses on Saturday or Sunday. The best way for parents to support their child throughout their faith formation journey is to model active participation in the Sacraments, especially weekly Mass attendance.  Any questions about our program should be directed to the Coordinator of Grade 7 and 8 Faith Formation. 

There are three components to our program:

  • Mass
  • Class Sessions and Special Events
  • Works of Mercy/Service Projects

As members of our Catholic Church, it is expected that our faith formation students attend Mass.  If unable to attend the 10:00am liturgy, students may attend Mass with their family during another scheduled liturgy. 

During a selected 10:00am Sunday liturgy, students will take an active role in the celebration of the Mass as greeters, lectors, ushers, and gift bearers.  The schedule for the class Mass assignments is provided to catechists and sent home with students in the fall. 

Class Sessions and Curriculum

Class Sessions.  Our Grade 7 and Grade 8 youth meet in small group sessions with their catechists after the 10:00am Mass on designated Sundays from 11:15am to 12:15pm and on designated Monday's from 4:30 to 5:30 PM.  We have a dedicated team of volunteer Catechists who will meet with the students for an average of two sessions per month. The program schedule is on our parish website under the Faith Formation tab and a hard copy of the schedule will be handed out and discussed at our fall parent meeting.

The curriculum.  There are Four (4) resources that our Catechists will be using this year: (1) the Finding God, Loyola Press series, (2), The Created for Love publication from the Archdicese of Boston, (3) the Catholic Teen Bible and (4) Pflaum Gospel Weeklies.  The Pflaum resources are a curriculum enhancement that offers weekly lessons drawn from the Sunday Gospel as well as references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Each student receives a weekly lesson that is sent home to serve as a family resource, and a copy of “What the Church Believes and Teaches”, a catechism handbook.  There are also excellent family resources online:

Grade 7 - The seventh grade theme is Following Jesus.  Students will explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus and use their youth bibles to experience the living Word of God in the Gospels.     

Grade 8 - The eighth grade theme is Celebrating Church.  Students will learn church teachings, practices, and rituals and explore ways that they can experience the joys of being active members of a community of believers who are supported by others on their journey of faith.

Attendance.  Students are expected to attend all of the sessions and events that are listed on the program schedule.  Out of respect, courtesy and concern for the safety of your child, please inform the Catechist if your child is unable to attend.  If a student misses multiple sessions due to an unexcused absence, the parent will be called by the program coordinator.

Works of Mercy Service Projects

In addition to in-class sessions, students will participate in the planning and implementing of “works of mercy” projects that will serve the local and global Church community throughout the year.  Parent volunteers are needed to plan and chaperone these service projects.  Each student is expected to participate in three “works of mercy” per year.  On-line sign-up will make it easy for students to learn about and participate in these events.  Students will submit one written reflection using the Work of Mercy Reflection form found on our parish website. 

Parent Meetings and Volunteer Opportunities 

Parents are the primary teachers of the faith for their child.  The extent to which our Saint Anne Parish faith formation program can serve the children is a direct function of how many volunteers step forward to teach and to support our youth service projects and other program events.   In addition, we ask that at least one parent attend our parent meetings and read and respond to class emails.  

God Bless,
Tom Kinch
Coordinator of Grade 7 and 8 Faiith Formation
Direct Line:  978-302-4208;





Sunday 10:00 AM Mass followed by Teen Hospitality in the Hall and class .  Note change of schedule for special events.
Monday Meet in classroom 4:30-5:30 PM

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